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Everyone deserves luxuriousness in their lives. In fact I think it's a must in self-care.

Luxuriousness is something that you deserve to help you cleanse your BODY | MIND | SPIRIT

so you can take control of your wellbeing.

Everyone deserves luxuriousness in their lives. In fact I think it’s a must in self care. Don’t mistake what I am saying. I’m not talking about self worship Cleopatra style. I’m talking about taking care of my mind, body and spirit so I can create a balanced home where God’s Spirit resides.

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Do you believe God talks to us? I do, but unfortunately for most people blocking out the noise that is in our minds and surrounds us can be hard. Learning and practicing meditation to quiet my mind has helped me get in the zone much easier. Being able to sit in my "Inner Room" and block out the noise of the world, has helped me in my daily walk with God. One day, while in my "Inner Room" in my mind I saw people worshiping themselves and made me think. Right now in our society we see a lot of self-worship in the form of self-care.

Self care or self worship?

When does self-care become self-worship? Get real with yourself and check into your heart and ask some questions to deepen your soul care.

  1. Is your self care turning into self worship or are you cleansing your home for God to reside in? If you said yes to self worship tune into why you might be needing more love.

  2. Are you driven by the pursuit of pleasing yourself and getting more material things? If yes, go deeper into whats driving those desires.

  3. What is your intention for your "Inner Room" time?

  4. What is on your mind and heart when you praise or pray?

Have you ever heard of a prayer closet? A movie came out a while back called “War Room,” which centered on the importance of the personal prayer closet. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend renting it tonight and watching with your whole family! It's a good flick.

Well for me my war room is a luxurious shower. It's my “inner room.” It’s where I go to cleanse my inner house where Gods spirit resides. A place to ground, get cleansed (mentality, spiritually and physically) a time to release my worries, to sing his praises and for guidance on this journey of life he has me on.

What do I have in my luxurious shower?

We are all children of God and we are all royalty, so why shouldn’t our time in our "Inner Room" be anything short of luxuriousness. Can I get a few snaps? What do I have in my lux shower? Ohh let me share. I hope this blog post inspires you to create your very own luxurious shower.

  • I am a visual so I create a shower bouquet and hang it from my shower. Ladies your significant other may ask you what the hell you're doing like my hub's did. It's all good trust me he's gonna love it. If you don't know what a shower bouquet is check out this reel on how I make a shower bouquet.

  • Teak Shower Bench (Gotta be able to sit and soak)

  • An array of self care products. Here are a few that I use to help me keep my home healthy and glowing.

  1. Aroma Boutik's Shower Scrub..I have a few I love check them out.

  2. Gotta have a few favorite face masks I love these two and swap them out regularly Jenn Zen's Green Tea Brightening Face Scrub mixed with Neroli hydrosol. Ohhh divine those two ingredients mixed is perfect for my oily skin. I also love the "Love Mask" by Soul Beauty Alchemy. This mask has ceremonial cacao, hibiscus and rosehip and mixed with Rose hydrosol it becomes a heart opening tool to use while I am showing gratitude for my life.

Using these aromatic tools along with breath work that my talented friend Shelsea owner of Commune and Bloom taught me. The breath allows me to release and reset so I can soak in all the goodness so I can declare my intention for the day. Do me a favor check in with your heart and your spirit and ask yourself how can I elevate my "Inner Room" time?

Until next time my friends..

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Courage is not a feeling it's a decision. It is being filled with the spirit of BOLDNESS and FEAR - LESS - NESS - Jeff Wickwire

I choose to put on courage on this year! I have been wearing some boldness as I shift out of one career into another. It takes courage to shine your light out on to the world and it is scary. John Wayne said "Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." Courage is not the absence of fear it's the decision to not fear. I chose to saddle up even though I was scared.

Have any of you had to wear some courage today, this week or year?

I Choose Courage so that I may boldly step into a new chapter.

This past Sunday I listened to one of my favorite preachers (my favorite is my dad) talk about Courage. What he shared inspired me to talk about my courage. You were created to shine like a light. You are a light onto the world. You are the salt of the earth. In Matthew 5:16 it says - Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father that is in Heaven. I feel that verse because I know God created me to shine my light with others. The lord has been nudging me for a while to grow and expand and to drop my fear of sharing my heart with others. So here I am saddling up even though I'm scared.

So how do you find courage?

How do you put on courage like clothing? Is it that simple? Well for me no. It has been a journey for me to shed fear and put on my Boldness. I have always been a servant at heart and would push my needs and feelings aside to help someone. I kept this up until I started to get sick, which lead me to search on ways for me to heal. During the covid lock down, I started an online course that Suzy Batiz taught called Alive OS. The things I learned helped me work on some internal issues I hadn't dealt with like abandonment and me feeling unworthy then facing my Cave of Fear. I dove into sharpening my meditation skills and created new healthy routines like exercising, eating healthier meals and learning to ground myself. Working everyday to take care of my needs and allowing myself time to heal has allowed me to put on my courage.

Fear can be paralyzing.

The fear of what might happen or making the wrong decision can cause nothing to happen in your life. Instead of moving forward, you retreat to a safe and warm comfort zone and avoid making any major life decisions. However, getting too attached to your comfort zone can be dangerous. It can hold you back from any kind of personal, professional, and emotional growth.


What can you do to help your personal growth?

Each of us is on our own unique journey of personal growth. It’s a continuous process that spans our entire life. Personal growth can mean many things like setting and achieving goals, building your self-esteem or finding your purpose.

Our biggest growth comes from overcoming problems and situations that challenge us.

And that’s when fear sets in. Fear of failing, fear of the unknown — you name it.

When you let fear become a roadblock that gets in the way of your own life, your personal growth gets temporarily stunted. Instead of developing our mental fitness and growing, we retreat into our shells. We also avoid new experiences to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

Mental fitness can be defined as having and maintaining a state of well-being and cultivating awareness of how we think, behave and feel. Meditating everyday helped train my mind to block out the madness going on in the world so that I could go inside to see what my internal chatter was about. My meditation is done sometimes in the shower where there are no cell phones. Shower meditation made it easy for me to quiet my to-do list, as I sit and inhale the aromas from the scrub I used as I closed my eyes. I ask God for guidance in whatever was on my mind at the moment. Meditation along with doing breathing exercises helped me learn how to regulate my emotions. Regulating my emotions it has allowed me to get through some pretty difficult situations.

Courage does not alway roar....

When we learn how to regulate our emotions, the way we interact with the world is different. It isn't just one interaction with a spouse. It is the cumulative effect on our emotional health. Imagine being less reactive in all of the hundreds of interactions we have every week. Learning to regulate our emotions, we are choosing how to be and how to respond, rather than ping-ponging from one reaction to another. Over time, that adds up to a lot less stress and negative emotion.

In the same way that our physical fitness also affects our mental health, our mental fitness ultimately affects our physical health and wellness.

What are the benefits of mental wellness?

Developing the skills for better mental wellness can benefit you and everyone around you.

  • Being present. In a mindful state, we can better retain information, listen, and be aware of, but not sabotaged by, distractions. This results in more enjoyment of life and better relationships and the ability to relate to others.

  • The ability to respond, not react. When we have more control over our automatic thoughts, we can choose to respond in a more rational and less emotive way. This improves our relationships and the way we think about the world and preserves more options in any environment.

  • Increased positive emotions: optimism. With increased awareness comes the ability to notice and reframe thoughts in more helpful ways. Kinder thoughts and compassion shape optimistic mindsets that lead to more positive behavior.

  • More confidence. With optimism, our relationship with ourselves becomes stronger. Self-esteem and self-efficacy - the belief in our abilities - increase, and we may focus more on our strengths. Self-compassion and empathy increase as a result of practicing mindfulness.

Here are some ways to get more mentally fit, starting today.

  1. Get physical exercise. The mind and body are interconnected. Just as mindfulness can relax the muscles of the body, working out can relax the mind and relieve stress and tension.

  2. Eat and drink smart. Stay hydrated as your brain needs water for optimal cognitive functioning. A variety of multi-colored fruits and vegetables daily supports optimal gut health and brain health.

  3. Meditate daily. Create a routine that works for you, and commit to it. Just fifteen minutes per day is enough to see significant changes over time. And like training a dog or working out, consistency is key.

  4. Keep a gratitude journal. This can be as simple as a word document on your computer or a physical, hand-written notebook. Update it regularly and keep it visible. Cultivating an "attitude of gratitude" helps to develop more positive emotions and shift our thinking toward optimism. Many studies show a positive correlation between improved health and optimism. The mind really does have an impact on our health overall.

  5. Make noticing new things part of your day. This can be as simple as setting a goal to notice three times when you have gone from sitting to standing throughout the day. It's a lot harder than it sounds. We are mostly in our unconscious, or automatic mind when we are doing this action. Noticing trains your brain for increased mindfulness.

  6. Practice savoring. Savoring is an intervention from Applied Positive Psychology. It involves slowing down during certain moments over a five-day period. These moments can include hugging a loved one, eating a meal, drinking a cup of coffee, the first breath of fresh air when stepping outside, or how good it feels to crawl into bed after a long day.

  7. Practice noticing your thoughts. Reframe wherever possible. Ask yourself: Is this helpful? Is this kind?

  8. Practice body awareness. Sit with your eyes closed or softly focused for five minutes and scan your body. Place your attention in each body part starting at the top of your head and working your way down to your toes. Wherever you notice tension, focus and breath consciously until the tension is released. Do this daily to increase awareness of what’s going on in your body. What does it want you to know? Train your attention to remain focused on specific points. My favorite body scan meditation is led by my favorite meditation guide David Ji. Click here to listen.

Remember, building mental skills and being mentally fit and strong doesn't mean that you'll always be happy or never suffer setbacks.

  1. Setting healthy boundaries. You have comfortable boundaries between various parts of your life and within your relationships. You naturally establish these and feel comfortable re-establishing boundaries when you notice something isn't working for you.

  2. Taking time for inner work. You make a regular practice of getting in touch with your emotions and values and checking in on your goals and alignment with your values.

  3. Exploring new ideas and interests. You feel calm, open, and curious. Things that are new or unknown are energizing rather than threatening or exhausting.

  4. Cultivating community. You are building and maintaining relationships that ground you in your values and help you challenge your thinking and beliefs. Community is both nurturing and supports your growth.

  5. Expanding your comfort zone. From a stable emotional and social foundation, you lean into growth and stretch yourself with new challenges. You are resilient in failure and learn from it.

Get started - With any kind of practice, regularity and consistency are crucial to build strength and fitness. A brain fitness program is no different.

Remember, in meditation, the aim is not to completely stop thought. Rather simply notice when you have been distracted and gently bring your attention back to the focal point, with a smile. When you do that, you are developing mental fitness. From there you can choose to put on Courage so you can take on anything that comes your way.

Johns Hopkins Medical School has found that 70% of disease is psychosomatic. What does that mean?

How can we have freedom from poisonous thoughts?

I read those words above that 70% of disease is psychosomatic in a bible study, I thought to myself this is interesting. What exactly does that mean? The study continued to say that the word psyche means "the mind," and soma is "the body." That it’s not to say that 70% of disease are not real, but rather that the origin of diseases is not found in a physical cause. The origin, in nature, first occurred in the mind. As a person begins to harbor and foster negative thoughts in the mind, these manifest into the body. Thoughts have the ability to make us well or to poison the body. Negative thoughts can weaken the immune system and poison the bloodstream. Stanford University found over 2000 different chemical secretions that were released into the body, from the brain into the bloodstream, which were all based on a person’s thoughts – good or bad.

HOLY SMOKES! Mindset is so important for our body, mind and spirit wellness. This is so amazing and scary at the same time. If we are not careful we could manifest disease in the body by harboring ill or hurt feelings towards someone or even worse ourselves. Wow for me this sparks a desire to share with people that our minds are Super powerful and harboring powerful emotions and negative thoughts brew the atmosphere that can manifest disease in our body. With this revelation it brings to mind my love for Aromatherapy and how amazing essential oils are for the mind. Along with breath and meditation people can take control of their well-being. Here are a few things I love to incorporate in every day aromatic life.

#1 - Mind Shifting

Mind What? I might be making up words, or not lol. I am sure I've heard mind shifting some where. Moving on. God gave me a Super Nose. Good or bad this gal can smell something a mile away. Being an Aromatherapist is the perfect career for me. Now if you don't know much about Aromatherapy and the power of essential oils you're about to learn. Essential oils have molecules small enough to penetrate the blood brain barrier. These precious oils hold all kinds of chemical chemo types that affect the human body, you can use essential oils by inhaling them taking a bath with them or adding them to oils, lotions and so on.

According to the National Institute of health, breathing in essential oils stimulates the smell receptors that sends a chemical message through the nerves to the brains limbic system, affecting mood and emotions. I learned that it only takes 22 seconds for the essential oil to penetrate the blood brain barrier to stimulate limbic system.

I love using inhalation, I combined my love of meditation and aromatherapy as a way to help clear my mind and get grounded throughout my day. Mind shifting is really fast and effective and this is how you do it. Grab your aromatherapy inhaler if you don't have one you can grab one here or just grab an essential oil that you already have. If you're new to meditation, I suggest practice mind shifting at home in a comfortable chair or lay down in a bed. After you find your spot close your eyes hold the inhaler close to your nose and inhale. As you breathe in through your nose, you smell those aromas you say to yourself " I calm my body" and as you exhale you say " I calm my mind " and you repeat as long as you feel like you need. Then get back to your day. As you get good at mind shifting you can keep your mind calm so that you can make clearer choices through out your day.

Tip #2 - Burn essential oils in my diffuser.

There are so many different essential oil combinations that you can put together to help you be more creative or help you stay focused to complete a project where to quiet the house down at night for bedtime. Using an electric essential oil diffuser in your home or office is such an easy way to incorporate into your day. You can make your daily journey more efficient using aromatic creations you bought or made your self. Here are a few recipes if you're not quite sure what oils to combine.

"Breathing in essential oils stimulates the smell receptors that sends a chemical message through the nerves to the brains limbic system, affecting mood and emotions." – The National Institute of Health (NIH)


Tip #3 - Taking a luxurious shower

Most people are bath people and love to soak in aromatic salts but not me I love me a luxurious shower. To me and luxurious shower is where I hang a shower bouquet from my shower head and I add a teak shower bench. Once in the shower I groom then at the end of my shower I use an aromatherapy shower scrub. Once my scrubs on I sit on my shower bench and I inhale the Aroma's from the scrub I close my eyes and I breathe. This is the time I usually release my worries God, I get grounded and ask him what's in store for me today and how I could be of service to people in this day.

Freedom from poisonous thoughts.

Taking the time to add these little moments of sanity to your day makes it more enjoyable and it WORKS. So take this knowledge and use it so that you can take charge of your whole being health so that you can break old patterns, create and along the way on your journey maybe uplift people along the way.

Click Here to listen to a Mind Shift

If this resonated with you, leave a comment below this post. I would love to hear from you.

Here are the link to the bible study I read.

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