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Our body oils moisturize the skin and are fast - absorbing, immediately leaves the skin feeling soft and soothes dry skin. 

Facial Oil


In the Bible, oil is referred to more than 200 times. Oils of many kinds played a significant role in the lives of the Hebrews and had a variety of uses in worship and spiritual practices. 

When David was anointed with oil, the scripture passage above says the Holy Spirit empowered him. Oil represents this presence and power of the Spirit of God throughout the Bible. Jesus was often referred to as the Anointed One, using oil as a metaphor for the Holy Spirit being present and acting in Christ. 

When anointing is referred to in the Bible, it talks about the Spirit coming upon or influencing the individual, even Jesus. It signifies either the invisible presence of the Holy Spirit or is a plea for action by Him to empower or strengthen the anointed. The anointing with oil symbolizes that the individual is filled with the Spirit of God.

The aroma and properties of our body oil is the perfect way to keep your body healthy and moisturize your skin while your mind is relaxed by the aromatic scents of the essential oils. May you Anoint your body and be covered by the spirit of God.