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​Aroma Boutik isn’t just another bath salt company 

Aroma Boutik offers a modern way of helping you with balancing your mental wellness via aromatherapy. Our brand is inspired by self-care and soul care techniques that help you shift your mood through inhalation. 


An imbalance in mental health is prevalent in so many families. Sadly most of the treatments for these imbalances (i.e. anxiety and depression) are often pharmaceuticals. We want to disrupt and change the culture of mental wellness by offering tools that can help you get through your every day stressors. This is why we offer a true sensory experience via our SoundCloud channel. Where you can find our Mini MindShift moments for when you use our inhalers or guided meditations for each of our bath salts.  We even offer mantras for each of our whipped sugar scrubs and meditations to do with your little one.




Shannon Allen has been in the business of helping people relax and unwind since 1998. As a massage therapist and an aromatherapist, it is my passion to create a memorable and healthy experience for my clients.


In the early years of my career, I fell in love with aromatherapy when I worked part time in a little aromatherapy shop in San Luis Obispo, CA.


The influence of the aromas that I experienced daily from smelling these amazing oils were surprisingly impactful on me.  

I decided to take my love for essential oils to the next level and in May of 2011 I graduated with a Masters in Aromatherapy. 


The passion of my brand is to make an impact on people's  everyday lives with pure and natural products. I launched

Aroma Boutik Aromatherapy in 2017, an online shop, that provides organic bath products for all ages to help improve their mental health and physical wellbeing from infant to mature adult.


Our slogan “Gratitude one drop at a time”, shares my gratitude for the precious oils we receive from the many plants all over our Mother Earth.

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