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Everyone deserves luxuriousness in their lives. In fact I think it's a must in self-care.

Luxuriousness is something that you deserve to help you cleanse your BODY | MIND | SPIRIT

so you can take control of your wellbeing.

Everyone deserves luxuriousness in their lives. In fact I think it’s a must in self care. Don’t mistake what I am saying. I’m not talking about self worship Cleopatra style. I’m talking about taking care of my mind, body and spirit so I can create a balanced home where God’s Spirit resides.

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Do you believe God talks to us? I do, but unfortunately for most people blocking out the noise that is in our minds and surrounds us can be hard. Learning and practicing meditation to quiet my mind has helped me get in the zone much easier. Being able to sit in my "Inner Room" and block out the noise of the world, has helped me in my daily walk with God. One day, while in my "Inner Room" in my mind I saw people worshiping themselves and made me think. Right now in our society we see a lot of self-worship in the form of self-care.

Self care or self worship?

When does self-care become self-worship? Get real with yourself and check into your heart and ask some questions to deepen your soul care.

  1. Is your self care turning into self worship or are you cleansing your home for God to reside in? If you said yes to self worship tune into why you might be needing more love.

  2. Are you driven by the pursuit of pleasing yourself and getting more material things? If yes, go deeper into whats driving those desires.

  3. What is your intention for your "Inner Room" time?

  4. What is on your mind and heart when you praise or pray?

Have you ever heard of a prayer closet? A movie came out a while back called “War Room,” which centered on the importance of the personal prayer closet. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend renting it tonight and watching with your whole family! It's a good flick.

Well for me my war room is a luxurious shower. It's my “inner room.” It’s where I go to cleanse my inner house where Gods spirit resides. A place to ground, get cleansed (mentality, spiritually and physically) a time to release my worries, to sing his praises and for guidance on this journey of life he has me on.

What do I have in my luxurious shower?

We are all children of God and we are all royalty, so why shouldn’t our time in our "Inner Room" be anything short of luxuriousness. Can I get a few snaps? What do I have in my lux shower? Ohh let me share. I hope this blog post inspires you to create your very own luxurious shower.

  • I am a visual so I create a shower bouquet and hang it from my shower. Ladies your significant other may ask you what the hell you're doing like my hub's did. It's all good trust me he's gonna love it. If you don't know what a shower bouquet is check out this reel on how I make a shower bouquet.

  • Teak Shower Bench (Gotta be able to sit and soak)

  • An array of self care products. Here are a few that I use to help me keep my home healthy and glowing.

  1. Aroma Boutik's Shower Scrub..I have a few I love check them out.

  2. Gotta have a few favorite face masks I love these two and swap them out regularly Jenn Zen's Green Tea Brightening Face Scrub mixed with Neroli hydrosol. Ohhh divine those two ingredients mixed is perfect for my oily skin. I also love the "Love Mask" by Soul Beauty Alchemy. This mask has ceremonial cacao, hibiscus and rosehip and mixed with Rose hydrosol it becomes a heart opening tool to use while I am showing gratitude for my life.

Using these aromatic tools along with breath work that my talented friend Shelsea owner of Commune and Bloom taught me. The breath allows me to release and reset so I can soak in all the goodness so I can declare my intention for the day. Do me a favor check in with your heart and your spirit and ask yourself how can I elevate my "Inner Room" time?

Until next time my friends..

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